Crysis: Warhead

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Speaking as someone who completed Crysis, I must say the folks at Crytek delivered an excellent first-person shooter, giving it a gripping cinematic edge to boot.

Of course, in order to witness the game in its full visual might you needed some sort of futuristic super-PC, stuffed with enough video memory so it doesn't choke and scream in agony, while the incredible amount of detail is being rendered on screen.
If games were sold like detergents, Crysis Warhead would have been called Crysis Concentrated. This is fundamentally a heavily focussed, super-strength version of its predecessor that proves that a little Crysis can actually go further than a lot.

It's a Crysis without all the dull bits. There is less time racing around vast environments, not being 100% sure how to get to the next objectives, while half the North Korean army (not to mention several irritating helicopters) hound you without mercy.
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It seems to be fairly popular for sequels to offer an alternative story running along a parallel timeline as their predecessors. This is exactly what EA and Crytek have done with the follow up to last years Crysis

Crysis Warhead places you on the other side of the island and sees you take up the role of Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes. Psycho’s mission runs parallel to that of Nomad’s from the original game and sees Psycho pursue Col Li as he tries to escape the Island with a valuable and powerful alien artefact.
Crysis läutete 2007 ein neues Grafik-Zeitalter ein, zeigte aber in Bezug auf das Gameplay einige Unzulänglichkeiten auf.

Trotzdem erntete das deutsche Entwickler-Studio Crytek hohe Wertungen jenseits der 90er (Ausgezeichnet + 3 Awards). Einige Spieler sahen den Tropen-Shooter lediglich als Grafik-Blender an, Fans störte das wenig. Jetzt wird "Crysis" mit dem Add-On "Warhead" fortgesetzt und Crytek scheint aus begangenen Fehlern gelernt zu haben.